Thursday, December 16, 2010

Simple and Clean with Lawn Fawn

I was not planning on entering another card into the Lawn Fawn contest but after using the needle for Lawn Fawn's Sew Lovely set yestarday to frame the card, I kind of started to come up with another idea that went along with the Simple and Clean sketch.

 Doing art with my kids also influenced this idea, the kids and I have been having a lot of fun in this week making pictures with glitter glue, you should see our refrigerator, anyways Evie, my 6 year old was having a hard time making a flower with the glue. The petals were not coming out perfect how she wanted with the glitter glue. I offer "why not trying first to draw with a pencil and then fill it in with the glitter glue" she was not buying that idea, so i decided to try it out myself and it came out so pretty. Evie did end up loving it too and made her own little picture. Now I feel like I need to show it. Here it is.

It always brings a smile to my face, the way she draws the hair on the little people in her pictures.

Bringing all of this ideas together using this sketch from Simple and Clean was a lot of fun.


  1. Your needle idea rocks! So colorful and pretty, not to mention the glittery sewing machine.... And tell your daughter that she is now a published "artiste", *smile*

  2. That needle background is adorable. Love those bright, cheerful colors! :)

  3. The needle background is so fun and bright! Beautiful. Your daughter's picture is adorable, too.


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