Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Embellish Color Trends with Music

Hello! there, here is what I created for Embelish Color Trends with Music, a Thank You card for my daughter's piano teacher. I like how the music notes are tiny, just kind of waiting to be discover and say a shy hello. This Challenge also made me want to try to create my first scrapbooking page ever. Scrapbooking is something that I have always wanted to do and is a very good reason why my sweet hubby years and years got me some essential paper crafting tools. Can you see that I have no idea what I am doing? well, maybe is not that bad. I am happy with how it turned out and so is my daugther Evelyn, the beautiful 6 year old you see here. I am looking forward to making more scrapbooking pages and learn lots along the way.

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  1. So pretty. Love those very subtle touches of music. So glad you played with us at Embellish.


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