Monday, October 24, 2011


Hey there, I made this card for CAS-ual Fridays Challenge # 25. Head over there for more details. To just add color to my stamped images, I used chalk for everything except for the little stool that I colored with prisma color pencils. I have been pretty happy with how well chalk has worked for me to add color.

I hope that you had a great weekend. I feel like we had the kind of weekend that at times might have felt much like this card; like a circus filled with craziness, fun, excitement and even tears of joy and pride for our 9 year old son, who conquered rappelling down a 30 ft wall at a Cub Scouts
Spook-O-Ree event over the weekend.

and then went and rappelled down this taller 40 ft wall

I should add that while I was VERY proud of my son the tears actually came from his Daddy! There was just something so sweet about seeing dads with their sons doing these activities; either cheering their son on or seeing them on one knee behind their son to safely guide them while doing archery and shooting bb guns. It was really amazing to see boy after boy go up the tower and with the help of the instructor each boy following instructions and as they listen you would see their feet at the egde, let their body lean back, little by little straighten their legs, start moving their feet and just like that rappel down the wall. Some didn't do it but sure gave it a fair try. Hooray! for you Ethan.


  1. this is adorable :) love how you made a curtain out of cardstock - genius!

  2. super cute card - love the circus theme! And it sounds like you had a fab weekend. How amazing that you all got to experience it as a family! Congrats to your son - that's awesome :)

  3. Hola Wendy, gracias por tu comentario tan bonito en mi blog, lo aprecio mucho.
    Tu tarjeta me ha encantado, es simple y muy linda, perfecta para el challenge.
    Digo mirando tus creaciones,


  4. This card is fantastic!
    Thanks for playing at CAS-ual Fridays!

  5. What a super cute and super sweet card. Your coloring is fantastic! What a great story about your son too, you must be so proud of him! Thanks for playing this week at CAS-ual Fridays!


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