Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas!

I just wanted to pop in and share these Christmas cards that I made to send out to some of our dear friends and family. These are just some of them of course. I made them using my silhouette digital cutter. I adhered the silhouette cut outs with foam adhesive and added a little bit of a shadow by water coloring.

If you are a Venezuelan or know something about Venezuelan culture you might appreciate the photos that follow from over the weekend. Since I came here to the United States about 15 years ago. I have not had an Hallaca (pronounced like this a-ya-ka). Hallaca. It's a delicious dish that is traditionally only made in December. You make lots of it to eat as often as you like during the whole month but is especially made to enjoy on Christmas day with other side dishes. It's a family affair. This lady here does a great job explaing what an Hallaca is and the process to make one. Just in case you what to know more.

My Dad, his girlfriend, girlfriend' sister with her baby and my sister got together at my house to make Hallacas for the first time in many, many years. Here we were adding some more flavor for the gizo (sauce) which is key to having a delicious Hallaca besides making a tasty dough of course.

My kids were so eager to help but my poor boy grew tired of waiting and went and played video games with daddy who wanted to let us do our thing and stay out of the way. From time to time he came to take some pictures (reason why I have these photos). Thank you honey. Evie did stick around and helped tons. I am pretty sure that she assemble at least 50 Hallacas. She did a great job!  Ethan did come to help too for a bit and enjoyed the process of assembling too.

This is how it looks before it's folded.

We had a batch cooking while we continued making Hallacas. We all were counting down with the timer to enjoy our first Hallaca. My husband was one of those. Since we met he had heard of Hallacas and finally 10 years later he gets to enjoy them.  I had the pleasure of opening the first cooked Hallaca. It was awesome to open this little gift and find that it smelled as I remember. It looked just like it should and finally it tated just as I remember. We gave my husband the honor of  enjoying the very first one and he loved it! It was our goal to make 200 hundred but instead we ended up with around 185.

Beacuse among many things Christmas is about passing down traditions this photo above is my favorite photo of the night. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good wake up! as my son would say.

 Have a blessed and Merry Christmas!


  1. Wendy- gorgeous cards! And I just loved looking at your photos :)

  2. Your cards are very pretty. I'm impressed by your 185 number. That is quite accomplishment.

  3. I love the cards! And I can't believe you made that many hallacas! I was looking for the arepas but you went all out! :) Feliz Navidad y prospero a~o nuevo para ti tambien! :)


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