Monday, January 30, 2012

A Do Over.

Have you ever made card that when you made it was great but later looking back you think yikes! what was I thinking? well, Amber over Damask Love has a Do Over Blog Hop going on. Which gives me the perfect opportunity to Do this card below over.

Now looking back it just seem like there is too much going on, too much black, too much red and
what i tried to do to the edge of the circle really did not come out as good as i had hoped.

I think this is way better. I wanted to keep the color combination that I had used before and only use some of the elements, sometimes is all about knowing when to stop right? I am also submitting this card to The Around The House Challenge over at Moxie Fab World. My around the house item is rice. Somehow I got in my head that it would be awesome to have that rice texture in cardstock so I made my own embossing plate. I first run a few lines of double sided adhesive to a piece cereal box then adhered painters tape onto that  piece of  cereal box with the sticky side up, then poured some rice, spread it nice and even and run it through the cuttlebug only using the A+ C plate then the rice plate facing up, them the cardstock and finally that little rubber mat and run it through the cuttlebug and you will get what you see above. The picture doesn't really show how nice it really looks. I really like how it turned out and it was so much fun to make.

Update: I was asked if i had  rice kernels everywhere, even though you used adhesive? I didn't have any kernels come off. I really made sure everything was stuck pretty good and had none hanging of the edges before i put it through the cuttlebug. In fact I just went to flick it, even put it upside down, flick it again and none came off. Thanks for your comments ladies. 02/01/2012


  1. Oh goodness, is this ever clever! Your final result is amazing. I've got to know, did you get rice kernels everywhere, even though you used adhesive?

  2. I would never thought of using rice! What a clever idea. I've seen people making paper shapes on paper and the embossed. i too woud like to know if some of the rice kernels came off...

  3. ACK, love your rice embossed paper such an AWESOME idea! The little flower with the stitching is adorable!

  4. I am amazed!! When I first saw the card, I said to myself...that almost looks like rice!! And lo, and behold, it IS rice!! I'm with you about making your own embossing folders...saves $$$. (And I'm a BIG fan of saving !! Nice job!!


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