Friday, January 20, 2012


Wow! two post in one day. Well, that is only because i decided to share this little book mark that I  submitted to the July/ August Call For submissions. Since they didn't want it. I gave it to my sweet girl who is having a ball reading. Let me tell you, she cries if we don't get to read, by that I mean that even though we read at some point during the day. She wants to read again with me or Daddy at night right before bed. The fact that we got her book light might have something to do with her love for reading at night using only her book light.

She is 7 in second grade. We were having a hard time finding books that she would WANT to read and not feel so frustrated. She wanted read chapter books. I did some searching and found a blog that shared some book titles by age group that kids and parents are really loving. Sorry I can't remember the name of that blog. We were reading the Ramona Beverly Clearly books but those were a little too challenging for her and I was doing most of the reading when I really wanted her to be the one to reading to me.  One of the books this lady talked about were Ivy and Bean books, this little girls are the same age as my daughter which is pretty cool. They are just fun wholesome girls with lots of imagination that make us laugh. We got these books for her for Christmas. We always try to put at least one book under the Christmas Tree. She LOVES these books, she is now reading the 5th book. They are just right for her. I really like how they have bigger font. These books still challenge her but not so much that she whats to close the book, with the Ramona books, i could barely get her to read a few lines but with IVy and Bean books she reads a whole chapter all by herself with just a little help with words here and there. I just love that she WANTS to keep reading. My nine year old has read to her too and found it it very entertaining too. Another book this lady mentioned was Clementine. We read a little bit of Clementine at the book store and is nice too. We plan to read Clementine after Ivy and Bean.  I am submitting the photo above to the Photo Friday Challenge (pocket light) over at The Simple Things by Carly, check it out.  Sorry for the rambling. Have a nice weekend now.

Ivy & Bean's Secret Treasure Box (Books 1-3)Clementine


  1. I loved reading at that age too, and I sometimes get frustrated when my eight year absolutely despises it! What a cute little bookmark, it seems perfect for her!

  2. Ivy and bean is wonderful! I'll have to look up Clementine. My daughter is 5 and is learning to read. I'm on the look out for new authors/series. Thankyou.
    I love your pockets of light photo! lovely!

  3. What a wonderful post and the picture is perfect!

  4. Your photo looks amazing - love the light :)

  5. This is a gorgeous photo, you have taken on this challenge so well, I love the pocket light in this photo..great work..hugs


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