Sunday, June 3, 2012


Hello, there. Did you miss me? Sorry! I know that I have been MIA around here...but trust me it has not been for lack of creativity. My craft room has finally gotten cleaned just didn't make sense to clean it up to turn around get all the crafty and sewing materials out again. I have been sewing and crafting up a storm...which totally makes me happy because I had good list of sewing projects in my to do list including new little sun dress for my daughter that I have had the fabric for, for about a couple of years...the ones that I made for her before were getting really small on her. You should have seen how sad she got to hear the news that she is growing and getting bigger. It broke my heart but I didn't want to cry too, not in front of her it would have only made her feel worse. So in the spirit of little monkeys I want to share this card with you today. 
Here below is my daughter in a dress that I made for her.

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  1. such a sweet card! i love the monochromatic approach. and, that lil girl is a beauty!


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