Monday, July 16, 2012

3 Dresses and a Cake

I just wanted to share with you guys these three cards that I created by just tweaking a little bit a Dress Design from Silhouette America. What you see above is an invitation for my daughter's baptism, as an LDS children get baptist at the age of eight. It's a pretty big deal and Evie was really excited about it. The dress you see below is the actual dress design. I loved the bottom but as you can see the top part is just too mature for what I was looking for but I thought it was perfect for a sweet 16 birthday card.

I made above this card for the recent Paper Crafts Submission call, since I am sharing it already you might have guessed that it was not accepted for publication and you would be right but that is okay... I did get one card accepted that I am pretty excited about. This last card below was also created slightly tweaking the original design by using the the same top as the top card and cutting off a bit from the top and sides of the skirt and added a layer of vellum to the skirt. This card was inspired by my daughter's sweet friend Lilly who loves ballet and just turned eight also just last week. I really enjoyed creating my first little wire hanger, it was way easier that I had anticipated. I was inspired to create my own wire hangers after I saw this card here by Amber from Damask Love. Love that card.

Since we are talking about birthdays I wanted to share this too. My daughters is loving the new Lego line for girls (Lego Friends) for her birthday she wanted a Lego Friends cake but this line of Lego's is too new for there to be a cake that you can pick to buy at the store so, we (me and my daughter)picked one of the decorated kids cake that had had those Lego Friends colors and asked the bakery not to put the toys that went with the cake on the cake, then when we got home. I added These Lego toys, a brand new set that she didn't have and the banner. She was so surprised when she saw it.

In case you are wondering the embossed doilies on that first card are from a stamp set from Wplus9 ( Damask Doilies).


  1. Love the cards and how you changed the dresses to suit each occasion! That cake is amazing! Your daughter must have been so excited!

  2. All three cards are beautiful, Wendy, and the cake is fabulous!

  3. Such pretty girlie card and Legos for girls?! That's awesome!


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