Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Card Overload?

This sweet lady from my church asked me to make her an assortment of 25 cards. I was pretty excited about her request. It was a fun challenge for sure. Making 25 cards some age specific and some not turned out to be a little harder than I had realized but I really did enjoyed the challenge of it all. I had asked for some of the recipients interests which did make crafting all those cards even more fun. Below I am sharing just a few of the last ones I made for her. Some might look a little familiar since I cased them.

 This one below was inspired from here.

This one above is going to a Doctor. I really liked the idea of making a lab coat. I used this suit tutorial to help me create this lab coat. I wanted to add his name to the front of the lab coat but I didn't know his name, plus I wanted to give her the option of adding the name or not. Do you like the inside? : )

It might be obvious to see that this card above is going to a teenager who's interest is very much texting.

This card above is a cased card from here. Really loved it once i saw what can I say. It was really awesome to see how much this lady liked all of the cards and it was really cool to here her say how she is enjoying looking to her stack of cards.

Happy Day! people.

I will try to pop in later and play along in a challenge. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. They are all great cards, Wendy! I like how you cut away the circle on the 30 card, the doctor card is very clever, and I love the iPhone card!

  2. These are all so unique and clever.

  3. Your dr. lab coat is really great!


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