Saturday, September 15, 2012


Last year around Halloween/fall my daughter really wanted to make a craft, a fall/Halloween related craft. she also wanted to use as we sat there thinking and sharing ideas. We came up with the idea of a ghost. We went to my silhouette and cut this ghost you see above only much bigger. Like half the size of a regular sheet of paper I think. I used that to use as a template and trace on white felt to make somewhat a staffed ghosty. I cut two pieces of felt stitched almost all the way around and I believe we just staffed with cotton balls that I kind of pulled and pulled so that it would be a flat yet soft ghosty( she liked doing that). She loved that ghosty. I could not believe it. She slept with it and took it pretty much every where with her even camping. It was so cute. If I knew where it is I would share a photo of it with you.

My card above was inspired my the Retro Sketches Challenge # 29. It's my third week guest designing there and I am getting a little sad already that I only have one more week left. It's been a lot fun.
As I kept thinking of how to use this sketch the idea of windows kept coming so I went with it. Hope you like it. This sketch has so many possibilities, I can't want to see what you will create with it. Have a great weekend.

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  1. This card is so cool! Love everything about it. Just wonderful!


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