Monday, September 17, 2012

Playing with Clay

I just wanted to share a little something I made for myself with inspiration from Pinterest. I saw this and I wanted to try making a little plate to go on my bedside table. I used the papertrey mendhi medallion stamps to create the imprint you see in the plate. My daughter loved it and wanted to make one too...See below. She used the Paper Smooches cat from party posse. She also made the little girl and bracelet that she later thought would make a great hula hoop for the little girl.


 this other below is from my son. All of them where created with sculpey clay that you can bake in the oven.  all these plates were laid on a oven safe bowls to bake.

This was so fun a quick. I will be off to the craft store soon and load up on some color clay all though i really love how these little pieces of art turned out for us.  I should add that we made these with sculpey clay, regular wood rolling pin and biscuit round cutters, correlle plates to bake on, yes, those would our regular plates we eat off. Just make sure what ever you use to bake on is oven proof. Let it cool off and it take it out...I was not patient enough to let it cool off completely : ) Follow the bake instructions on the Sculpey box. Our little projects here took about 20 minutes to bake.


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