Monday, October 8, 2012

A Happy Birthday Card and WCMD Blog Hop Winner


Oh! My Goodness...did guys have a fun WCMD? so much eye candy to be inspired by. I loved it...that is how I celebrated browsing and pinning a few minutes here and there. My hubby was feeling very sick and I tried to keep the kids happy and quiet while my hubby tried to rest. He is feeling better but sure wished that he could have called in sick today.

I wanted to pop in and share this card that a friend of mine asked me to make a card for her son's 16 birthday. She really liked this card and wanted something similar but for a boy.

I was able to create this one above thanks to my Silhouette and it's Silhouette Studio software. If I knew how to share that file I would.  Below is an iPhone that I created with the Word computer program. Click on it and save it to your computer. It's a JPEG file. Sorry! that is the best I can do. Have fun with it.
Shhh! can you tell I don't own an iPhone? I just noticed that I placed that top face of the iPhone upside down. Ooops!
I made you wait long enough, the WCMD Blog Hop winner of my mystery box prize is Mary From Big Mama's Crafting House. Congratulations!!! Mary. Email me with your information and I will get that box of goodies sent out to you!
Thanks so much to all you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment. I really enjoyed reading every single comment.


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