Tuesday, June 18, 2013

One Idea, 4 cards

Happy Day to you all!
 Isn't it fun to find creative ways of using what you might end up tossing in the trash? I had some left over circles from another project and thought they would look cute with some sparkle, then they looked like candy which inspired making another lollipop like the one from my first publication. I then came across this dahlhouse designs sketch # 6 and I thought that using that sketch would be the perfect sketch to finish off my card. I really like how it turned out. If you didn't come from Dahlhouse Designs make sure to go and check it out.   
I thought of  breaking this up into a couple of post but then decided to keep it all together.
My daughter wanted to make a rainbow card, that idea produced 4 cards. who would have known? I started off by cutting circles with the spellbinders circle dies to create this card. I know I saw the idea somewhere, she taped the circle dies together, you cut all the circles in each of the colors you want at once, you will be cutting a bunch of circles at once but in one color at a time. then you separate and arrange the colors as you like, them cut circles in half to make two rainbows, we made two of the same exact card. Pretty don't you think? love the clouds, they make me giggle a little : )
I used flower soft to make the cloud puffy.
Then as the cardstock was laying there on top of each other with the big circle cut in the middle of them...an idea popped in my head...can you see it? I overlapped the cardstock with circles in such a way that it kind of creates a camera lens opening/closing. As I overlapped the colors, I let the color underneath pick out a little, you keep doing that as you go around until you use all the colors.
Then lastly I used the small circles that I ended up with, to create the lollipop card that you see at the top on this post. The small circle is the smallest circle you can cut from this set of dies.
There you have it. One idea 4 cards. All thanks to my little Evie's wish to make a rainbow card, love my sweet girl. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Those darling sparkly circles make for a fabulous lollipop! What a brilliant idea. I'm so excited you were inspired by wanna sketch. Thank you so much for playing along!!!

  2. LOVE (and pinned) your aperture card - this is so awesome!

  3. Wendy, your lollipop and rainbow cards are sweet (and I think I want to eat that lollipop), but the aperture card is super inspired! Amazing!


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