Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Knitting Bowl

My husband and kids gave me this awesome present for Christmas, it was an unfinished ceramic knitting bowl. I never told them that I wanted one, so imagine their surprise when I opened it and they saw how happy I was and am about my knitting bowl. Evelyn, even asked me "you wanted that?" she was pleasantly surprised. Together we went to our local pottery patch to paint and finish the bowl. I had to wait a whole week for it to be finish since they had to varnish it and bake it in the kiln. After I mentioned during the week how I could not wait to see how the bowl turned out... Evie, shared a little story with me, she said" Mom, after the bowl came in the mail and Daddy saw you knitting, using a bowl from the kitchen to keep your yarn from rolling around, he came over to my room and asked me " did you noticed that Mom is using a bowl while she is knitting right now?" They are so sweet! I love my family.

It was great that my local pottery place let me bring in an item not sold by them for me to paint there and they finish it in their kiln for only $10.00

You may just have a friend or family member that might enjoy a present such as this one.

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