Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Felt Bunnies

I made these felt bunnies last year for my kiddos. I was as happy to bring them out this Easter as my kiddos were to find them filled with Cadbury mini eggs. So, I thought to share them with you. I used this tutorial at ProbablyActually super fun and easy to make.

I started doing scavenger hunts for the kids years ago, when my oldest child was able to read. It's a fun way for them to find their Easter Baskets. Does every body do that? I was not raised here in the United States so don't know all the traditions. Just this Easter I learned that here in the south,  I live in Florida is not Easter if there is not a coconut cake on the table and I was like really? My hubby is from here so I was wondering if I having my hubby missing out on this Easter Coconut Cake. I have been making Carrot Cake with Yummy Cream Cheese Icing. I had to ask him and he assured me that he loves our traditions and the Carrot Cake. This year since we have a ton of strawberries from going u-picking, we had strawberries with a very yummy cream cheese pound cake.  Wow! I really got side tracked there.
Back to the scavenger, You can find lots of ideas online for Easter Scavenger Hunts. I pull some of my ideas from there...mostly I need help with hiding places : ) All of that because I wanted you to know what that messy pile of papers  in the background. Since my kids are almost 12 and 14, I have really thought of stopping this scavenger hunt thing but how can I when they really look forward to it. I just keep making the clues a little more challenging to figure out.
I love how Jane over at Very Jane made her scavenger hunts, she has a young and older kids version which is great but what I really love is the idea of making a key for the hiding spots. Trust me is not that hard to loose track of where you just hid and where you are supposed to hide next. All the work is worth the smiles your children will have hunting and figuring out clues.

I hope that you had a great Easter weekend with your Families and Reflecting on what the Savior did for us. I hope that you make plans to do more of that next year along with some fun memories.

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