Friday, April 8, 2016

Twirling Delight

The most fun part of sewing a circle skirt for my daughter is watching her twirl in it and keep on twirling.
Why is it called a circle skirt? because the cut of the main section of the skirt is cut in a circle shape then you cut another circle right in the center of that circle shape for the waist, once your skirt is finished and you twirl, the skirt lifts right up and spins in a delightful circle. As you will notice in the tutorials it also drapes beautifully when you are not spinning : ).

Have you heard of  Dana from Made Everyday? I made this skirt following her you tube tutorial here. This skirt is of made knit stretchy material which allowed me to forgo elastic for the waist and use the same fabric for the waist band much you would make one for a Maxi skirt. Ashley at Makeit-Lovelit shares a great tutorial on how she made the skirts for her girls by making a yoga waistband. Which is how I made the waist band for this skit except I didn't make it wide for a fold over design.

This fabric was designed and produced exclusively for JOANN Fabrics and crafts stores.

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