Monday, June 20, 2016

Birthday Invitations

My daughter and I had fun making these invites for her 12th birthday.
We printed them on water color paper, applied water color by applying water color onto an acrylic block (clear stamp acrylic block), then we stamped it onto the water color paper, we flicked the paint brush to add some droplets and once it was dried, I hand wrote the twelve onto them. Evie had so much fun making these invites and specially the water coloring part, I was just her assistant : ) and advisor. It's a small, intimate party...making half a dozen of them and changing the font color for the Evelyn's 12th Birthday line on each invite went pretty quickly.

Fun fact: I actually photographed these two in the car, over my husband's suit coat while drive to church. These two were a couple of Evelyn's favorite and she wanted to hand them to her friends that day, this past Sunday.

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